I’m here…..

26 March 2010

Yes, I have started a blog….all about…me!!  Fancy that.

Well, not so much about me, but the chaos that surrounds me.  But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a self indulgent blog banging on about how wonderful my life is, how great my kids are, my fantastic husband, and how I manage to do it all (including knitting, baking and sewing).  It is more about my shambolic way of trying to juggle home, work and kids.  And the general crap that comes my way!

My life to date…

Wow, it has all gone so quickly.  One day I was in my early 20’s, good job, cute girly car, skinny and fit.  I could wear tight clothes and was always going out with friends to restaurants, bars and clubs.  Life was fun for a country girl in the city.

Then I woke up one morning, suddenly 38 years old!  What??  How did that happen?? (Oh yes, just a warning…I overuse exclamation marks and questions marks!!  Don’t know why??).

At 38, my body is neither fit nor firm.  I can’t be fagged shaving my legs and really object to paying over $100 for a hair cut and colour.  I wear odd socks, and on one occasion had to wear my 10 year old son’s undies for the day.  They were a bit tight, but just as long as I didn’t have to go to the toilet, I was good.  There is something about wearing black undies with a skull and crossbones on the front that gives you a quiet chuckle!

This morning consisted of getting my 3 boys organised and delivered to a friend’s house by 7:00am so she can get them to school for me.  I scrounge around in the pantry for food for lunch boxes, get children showered, strip a wet bed, and even manage to find myself some clothes.  I feel like I’ve done a full day’s work and it’s only 6:45am.

And off to work I go! Work day is uneventful.  Just a heap of people whingeing about their job, whilst I am strangely quite happy with mine.

When I get home I walk in the door, greet my loving family, and wave off our wonderful woman who picks them up from school for me.  They promptly start talking all at once.  They want to know what’s for dinner, they want me to sort out fights and listen to them play the recorder.  I have actually trained them to ask how my day was before they launch into their diatribe.

I dump my handbag, walk straight to the kitchen and start cooking.  And my second job begins……..now this is no different from any other working mother, so no real complaints there.  It is just the way it is.

While dinner is bubbling away (amid complaints of ‘what’s for dinner?…….Awww, I don’t want that!”), I try and get kids to give me school notices, get going on homework, empty their lunchboxes.  That doesn’t work, so in the end I get sick of nagging and send them outside to ride their bikes.  As far as they are concerned, their mission was accomplished!

So, if this is generally my boring life, why on earth would I blog about it!  Well, when it runs smoothly, I really don’t have much to say and all is a bit dull, but when it doesn’t go so smoothly, it either ends in tears or laughter, and always with a glass of wine.

My sisters would say the stuff that happens to me happens to everyone, but I just make more of a hoo-ha about it!  A friend did say that my life is like a family sitcom.  But I like to think that I glide through my life despite the chaos surrounding me (when in reality I think I lurch from one crisis to another)!  And yes, the same things do happen to me that happen to anyone else – cars breaking down (both cars at the same time), dogs getting out and running down the street, the dog constantly trying to eat our chooks, kids having hissy fits, getting calls from the school, a quick trip to the emergency room, kids vomiting, work stuff going on, and household appliances breaking down.

But it just all seems to happen to us at once!

Note for next time:  Don’t panic, my future blogs will be much shorter.  And I did review this and take out half the exclamation marks!


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