Please. No. More.

Oh my god, if I have to hear one more joke from the Captain Underpants book, I will scream.  When will these children go to bed??  Well, one is down, and 2 to go…

3 hours in the car with them tomorrow.  Will I make it without yelling at them?  I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I love my boys, I do!  But I am at the end of a long day of clearing our jungle of a backyard (Richard) and cleaning our shambles of a house (me).  And whilst I should feel satisfied with our achievements, I am just buggered (& grumpy).    I will be much cheerier tomorrow! 🙂


(I’m not really a ‘Ciao’ person.  Or a ‘Cheers’ person either. I need a better sign off.  Any suggestions?)


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