Is it just me?

What do you think about this….

My middle little guy has just turned 9 and has invited a couple of friends from his class to the movies.  The Mothers RSVP’d as requested, so all good. I checked the movie times today and realised the movie time had changed, so I selected a different movie that was at about the same time as I put on the invitation (if that makes sense). When I spoke to each Mum I told them that we would meet at about the same time but would be seeing a different movie.

Now, I don’t know about you, but as the mother of the invited child, I wouldn’t consult my child about the change to see if it suited them. In fact, I would be lucky to let them know about the change in movie at all. They should just be happy that their friend thought enough of them to invite them to the movies.

One mother, who I am sure is lovely but I admit I don’t know her very well (and am confident that she would never read this blog!), said to me, “Hang on I’ll just check”!  She asked her child, “You will be seeing ‘xyz’ movie, is that ok?”.   Thankfully he said ‘yes’!  What would she have said to me if he said he didn’t want to see that movie? I was a bit gobsmacked, and was grateful that he approved of the change! Yes, yes, sarcasm…

What are your thoughts about this?



  1. I can’t believe you are blogging….but now I have found it I am soooooo glad! You are funny to read via Facebook so surely this will be a winner too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the funny thing about the above……is that is was my child, sorry about that…………………………….ha ha ha ha just kidding!

  2. Suze … you crack me up!! So glad you are back in my life again!!!! Kids these days get tooooo many choices! I’d be saying that’s what you are seeing and that’s that!!!!! We need to bring back resilience in our kids and their parents even more so. Tell me what you think of that!!

  3. With regard to your story about the movies – as you know, Sally has just gone to Sydney with the Year 4s to the Sydney Music Festival – our’s is the only school not from Sydney!!). Sally has Katie to look after plus 2 other girls – one whose mother couldn’t go, and she asked the other mother why she wasn’t going and it was because the child said she didn’t want her mother there! Sally’s reply was that Katie didn’t have the choice. Surely a 9yr old doesn’t have that sort of choice, or am I “old hat”?? This Music Festival has 700 children playing recorders with an orchestra at the Opera House – what a privilege – even if it is with recorders!!

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