Shed the load…

I was having drinks with some friends one night last week and made a discovery. Most of my girlfriends suffer from anxiety! And not only this, but there are more women on antidepressants, or some other kind help (other than wine of course), than you would think.

Why is this? Is this age related? These are women ranging in age from early thirties, through to late forties. As we get older are we unable to cope as well with what life brings us?

Is it hormonal? Is it lifestyle related? Are we taking on more and more in our lives? We have families, work and run households. We have to remember what notices need to go to school with what money and by what date, pay the bills, organise after school activities, and try to have some time for ourselves in there too. Then add paid work to that, and also an ever-loving husband (extra workload)!

And what about my friends who don’t have partners to help them with the load? I’m starting to feel a bit anxious thinking about it!

Is it just part of being female? Is it one of the many characteristics of femininity that we are blessed with??

What ever it is, I know that my own anxiety levels have worsened in the last couple of years. I have always had a very busy life (and not generally by choice either), but I used to be able to bear it and cope well. I have always been able to operate under fairly high stress levels at home and work (again, not by choice!!).

But what in the hell is going on? As children are getting older, I am more established and secure in my career, and relationships should be secure, my anxiety is on the rise. I think I spend more time awake at 3:30am than I am asleep. My sisters are like this too. Hereditary maybe? Whatever it is, it is driving me crazy!

And is it just us girls? What about the fellas? Does it get to them too? I know they get stressed when they have to do more than one thing at a time. Maybe that’s our problem…we just take too much on. But once you have that load, how do you shed some of it?

And let’s not confuse depressions with anxiety. Depression is about the past, and anxiety is about the future (a bit of trivia for you).

So, any anxiety ridden thoughts (or chilled out ones for that matter)?


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