The story of the ANZAC badge…

Actually, when I say the story of the ANZAC badge, what I really mean is the story of OUR ANZAC badges!

The school has been selling ANZAC badges for the kids to buy.  $1 each. Lovely!


I dutifully gave the boys $1 each.

10 year old took money to school, but left it in the classroom.  No badge.

9 year old left his money on the kitchen bench.  No badge.

5 year old took his money to school, and went off by himself and bought his badge.  He even gave some of his money to another little boy who lost his own money (bless him).  The badge sellers must have taken pity on them as between them wouldn’t have had enough for a badge each, but they somehow got one.  I was so proud of him doing it all by himself.  Then he lost his badge in our lounge room.  No badge.


10 year old remembered his money in the classroom and bought a badge.  Yay!  I have seen it once.  He has now lost it at home.  No badge.

9 year old remembered to take his money to school and bought a badge.  At lunch time he lost his ANZAC badge AND his Junior School Council badge on the oval.  No badge.

5 year old was given another $1 to get a new badge.  He went and bought it all by himself, gorgeous boy.  He lost it in the car.  No badge.

And that is the story of our ANZAC day badges!


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