Do we want subdivision…what do you think??

We live in a leafy suburb by the bay.  Mount Eliza is made up of 2 distinct areas – beach side of the highway, and the other side.   We live on the other side!  This is the area bordered by Nepean Highway, Humphries Road, Two Bays Road and Canadian Bay Road.  This area is a tree preservation area with large blocks that are a minimum of 2/3 acre, known at the Woodland precinct.  This is where people have pools, tennis courts and space to move.  You don’t have to see your neighbours if you don’t want to, but there is plenty of space for neighbourly bbq’s and socialising.  And just because we are not beach side of the highway it doesn’t mean we are not near the beach.  It just means we are 4 kms from the beach instead of 2km.  We do still have bay views though…well glimpses really.  We love it!

My boys have bike tracks and jumps, they can dig a hole without me noticing, and can run and play without having to go a local park.  It is a great lifestyle. It’s what makes our area unique.

 But all that is coming to an end.

 Subdivision is coming…

 Subdivision is such a short sighted view.  People subdivide for money.  There is no other reason.  But that short term cash injection gives a long term devaluing of their own property, as well as their relatives and family who live in the area, and not to mention, their neighbour’s.

 And it is not just about money.  It is about lifestyle.  People move to an area such as ours for the lifestyle.  Where there is space to move and breathe.  Where we feed kookaburras by the back door, and echidnas womble down the driveway.  Where lorikeets nest in our trees, and kids can still catch tadpoles.

Where else can you live on large blocks covered in gum trees, have room for a pool and tennis court and be 2 minutes from the beach (and be in the bush).  It is a family area. 

If that no longer suits you, or when children are all grown with families of their own, and you find the blocks are just too large and hard to maintain…that is when you move. 

But you don’t have to leave the area. You can still stay in Mount Eliza.  You can move to the beach side of the highway.  You can still have the lifestyle and be closer to the beaches.  Can still have the community feel and the much loved Village, but just with smaller blocks that are easy to maintain. 

And coming back to the money side – sell your big blocks to young families who are going to live, love and enjoy it as you have done.

The choice is yours subdividers of Mount Eliza…

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One comment

  1. Agreed – there are so many other beautiful smaller blocks a stone’s throw from here, affordable, manageable and for sale. Leave the big blocks for families like us who would make a real nuisance of ourselves to others if we lived on a smaller block!

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