Merry Christmas! 2010 in Review

I think I am finally ready for Christmas.  The presents are done, the house is clean (clean enough anyway), kids are on school holidays….what do you mean that Christmas has been and gone???? Bugger!

I think this sums up my year.  The Year of Being Busy.  Of course I didn’t miss Christmas or let it go by without noticing. In fact I had a great Christmas Day (we hosted it, and are now spending several days recovering).  But I was just too busy to do the things I wanted to do.  I don’t normally send out cards, but I do usually send a newsy email to all and sundry.  But I just didn’t get around to it.  I wanted to take the kids to see the Christmas lights on Olivers Hill.  But I just couldn’t squeeze it in.   wanted to catch up with all me fantastic friends that have helped me get through the year.  But no-one had time.

So as we limp to the finish line I reflect upon 2010, the Year of Being Busy.

The year started with Archie starting school.  3 boys at school, and no more pre-schoolers.  This is a whole new phase in my life.  And this also means homework x 3 every night, school activities x 3, school notices x 3, etc.  It has taken a year of 3 at school to get it under control!

This has been a full year of Richard working on Saturdays as a real estate agent, and spending Sunday mornings at the Fire Brigade.  So that has left Sunday afternoons for all family time.  It also means it is really just the boys and I on the weekend.  So we had lots of library time and mother-sons time!

I tried to make it back to Wagga more than ever this year.  But every time I went back, it rained!!  I went back for my gorgeous sister’s surprise 50th birthday.  It was a great weekend.  But we went by train, and it rained and rained, train tracks washed out, and had to catch a bus back to Melbourne.  I went to Wagga another time (school hols I think), and it rained!  The last time I went in October, the main event was Mum’s art exhibition.  It rained so much that the boys cried as I drove through flood water (actually, Max was my brave boy, but I cried!!). Roads to Wagga were shut, so I thought we would be safe and dry at my sisters farm at Henty…until the creek broke it’s bank…sheep floating past, getting the horses out of the stable, water rushing through the garden, up to the front steps, under the front verandah, and eventually water rushing under the house.  We were stranded in the house, but by the morning the water eventually and magically went down (well, went down enough – we were still stuck as the front culvert had washed away).  It was an amazing experience for the boys and I.  The water even sucked the front numberplate off my car.  I really should order another one before I get into trouble….

It has also been the Year of the Animal at our house.  Our little animal family consisted of an adopted cat, our dog and a couple of chooks.  I felt like I spent the first half of the year either chasing the dog down the road, or chasing her out of the chook pen.  She was so fanatical about getting into the chooks that she would injure herself trying to get through the wire.  So it was either the chooks or the dog that had to go!  The chooks went to a friend’s house around the corner, where they live a life of relaxed chookie bliss, and we get to see them when we want.  Other than numerous tadpoles (though the numbers decreased after we got our pool filled in with dirt!), 2 hermit crabs joined our animal family for Max’s birthday – Bruce and Felicity.  Felicity was a very brief visitor in our house after meeting an untimely end, and was very quickly replaced by Polly.  Bruce and Polly are funny little creatures, and you often find someone from our family sitting quietly watching them in their tank. 

Then a little lorikeet joined the family.  It started with yells of “Sophie has a bird, Sophie has a bird!!”.  The boys rushed downstairs and saved a fluffy baby lorikeet from the jaws of our cocker spaniel.  It had been kicked out of it’s nest by Indian Mynah’s.  The boys put it in a box with my warning of not to be disappointed if it died.  So, having forgotten about it, off I went to work the next morning.  Luckily the boys hadn’t forgotten about it, and out the box with the bird on the trampoline so the dog couldn’t get it.  I guess this is what saved it as the parents were able to come down and feed it.  After discovering that it lived and was ok, I researched lorikeets, found they are nectar eating bird, and went and spent a fortune on lorikeet nectar!  So I hand fed this little baby every few hours.  We also put him out several times a day and his parents visited and fed him as well.  He grew and grew and became very tame.  He would sit on our shoulder, he would chat to us, and was just a general gorgeous member of the family.  His feathers grew and he was learning to fly.  His parents would come and whistle at the balcony door, and we would put him out for a feed and visit.  Then one day he flew away…no good-bye, no ceremonial letting him go….I know I should have been very happy with our efforts, but I was sad!  His parents still come down a couple of times a day for a feed (they love tinned pear!), and I hope they have him stashed in a nest and feed him all the pear we give them.  I hope he comes back for a visit one day!

Our little cat spent a year of tarting around.  We adopted her when she was abandoned by some neighbours that moved away, so we assumed she was desexed.  Well, to the boys delight, we found that she WASN’T desexed after all!  After waddling around for several weeks, she gave birth 2 nights before Christmas.  One kitten died, but she is now a beautiful and attentive mumma to 3 little kittens.  Growing up on a farm, I guess I take the birth and death of animals for granted.  But it has been a lovely experience for the boys.  So if anyone would like a kitten, they will be ready to go in Feb!!

I managed to sneak in a trip in November to Borneo for work.  I LOVED it. And Richard and the boys even survived for a week without me.

Wow, I have just realised how much I have written!  So, if you have actually taken the effort to read this, I apologise for drivelling on!

 So to come to a quick close….The Year of Being Busy has been a blur with a few standout moments.  I guess the biggest thing I have found this year is what wonderful friend we have, particularly my girlfriends who all band to together to help each other.  I would not have made it through the year without you all….. sniff, sniff, I think I might cry!

So, what will 2011 bring?  I can’t decide whether it will be The Year of Slowing Down, The Year of finding Balance, The Year of Happiness, The Year of the Vegie Patch, or optimistically The Year of the Well Behaved Boys and Adoring Husband.  Hopefully it is all those things.

I hope 2010 and Christmas brought you everything you desired, and I hope your 2011 is The Year of All Things to You.

Much love



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