My year of being crafty

I have decided that this is my year of being Crafty.  I don’t mean crafty like a fox (though I might try)!  But Crafty in the manner of all things hand made.  This includes sewing, painting, drawing, gluing, cooking, and writing – though I think I will focus on sewing and writing.

Why would I bother doing this when I have 3 children, trying to slowly renovate a house, and work 4 days a week?  Because it stops me from going mad (if it isn’t too late already).

I have started my crafty year quite successfully – I managed to work out how to setup my sewing machine.  I have had this machine, a basic Singer, since I was about 15 years old.  I remember putting it on lay-by at Kmart and scrimping and saving to pay it off.  I haven’t had it setup for about 10 years, so I have oiled it all up, managed to thread it, and it all works well.  I have made a set of cute fabric coasters for our table, and 3 personalised ones for the boys in a design they chose.

When I have been sewing, Arch sits on the arm of the chair beside me watching the needle going up and down trying to work out how it does it!

My next project is a nice fabric cover for me diary, and a soft cuddly toy for my nephew’s baby due in March.

I can’t do all this with just my own skill and creativity – I have ordered a few books for inspiration.  For Christmas I received:

  • Prints Charming – 40 simple sewing and hand printing projects
  • Meet Me at Mike – 26 Craft Projects

Though I haven’t made specific projects from these books, they offer plenty of inspiration.

I have also ordered from (I am loving this book shop – half the price and free postage!):

  • Scandinavian Stitches – 21 Playful projects with seasonal flair
  • Sew What! Skirts
  • One Yard Wonders – 101 Fabulous Fabric Projects
  • The Crafty Minx – Creative Recycling and Handmade Treasures

I can’t wait until they arrive – a birthday present to myself!

My sister Sally has declared she does not want hand made presents, so don’t do any for her.  Just for that Sal, I will work out how to do macramé and make you a pot plant hanger out of recycled materials!!


One comment

  1. Suze, I’ve gotta give it to ya , your a goer!!!I totoally understand the bit about not going mad!! I too dragged an old cross stitching project out last night and made a promise to finish the darn thing!!! Sally made me laff about not wanting hand made gifts …. all the more reason to give her one now!!! Classic! I guess you won’t have time to read now? Can’t wait to see more of your creations. You’d better think of a trendy name for yourself! Best of luck. xx

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