More time please….

I have been crafting, really I have, but I have discovered it is hard to find the time!!  I have so many things I want to do that I really have to battle the inclination to start a project, and then move on to the next project before I finish the first one.  I am so guilty of this, that I am working really hard to be disciplined enough to get projects finished.  So what have I finished?

I did do my diary cover, and I love it.  The pattern I used missed a few instructions, so I just made them up!  See what you think.

I have even taken up crocheting.  My sister and I used to crochet granny squares when we were kids with the intention of making a blanket, but all we ended up with was hundreds of squares!!  I have been practicing and re-learning all the stitches and am now embarking on my first crochet project – a scarf. If you want to take up crocheting and just can’t understand the instructions, go to YouTube.  It was fantastic and I worked it out straight away! 

The strange thing about my scarf though is that it started being 10 stitches/loops wide, then it sort of shrunk over time to 7 stitches wide, but I have pumped it back up to 10.  A bit wonky, but it is all part of the design I say!!

So what are my next projects?  I have a feeling the scarf will be ongoing, and the boys have each requested a scarf for winter!

I am still searching for the perfect thing to make my nephew’s new baby due in March. I am thinking a toy, or a blanket.  Or wrap.  Or floor mat.  Hmmm…too many choices.

I have a quick project for today though.  I have tried and tried to find a plain coloured doona cover for the boys so I could do an original print on it, but everything is covered in patterns or characters.  So I bought 2 plain single bed flat sheets yesterday (on sale – I love working near Spotlight!).  I will sew them up into a doona cover, and I also bought a fabric marker that I will draw a design on the bottom part of the cover.  I am thinking owls for Archie.  If it works I will do one each for the other boys, but I think I will let them draw their own pictures on it. Max does beautiful fantasy creatures, and Ed can draw skater dudes!  So, including the marker, the doona cover would have cost $26 and is original.

So, all I need is more time please…..


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