Will power, please don’t leave me….

School Holidays, a week off work, and I am trying to make the most of my time.  I have a painting I want to finish, and another to start, I want to get my winter vegie patch going (the dog dug up my peas I planted last week!), and of course I have story rattling around in my head that I want to start.  But in order to do all that I really need to get my house in order, get the kids entertained, and stay off the internet!

OK, housework.  What is the bare minimum I need to do to get by?  I have an overflowing laundry that needs to be wrestled back into order, floors are filthy and beds are unmade.  I don’t go for pristine, but I just want some order and a calm relaxed atmosphere.  Oh, and to not be too embarrassed if someone drops by unexpectedly.  Kids are entertained with a movie, so all sorted in that department.  Now, all I need to do is stay off the computer…

I am trying to stay off the computer I really am, but I have just discovered so many great blogs lately that I get caught up reading them (I will post a llist of my fav blogs this week).  Then I check my email, then read another blog, and then am inspired to write a bit, and then might look at Facebook, and then….whoops, the time slipped by again.

Dammit!  I really do need to stay off the computer.  What is with the compulsion to check email, FB and other people’s blogs??

OK, this is the plan.  I am going to do the housework.  The boys have some friends riding their bikes over.  They can all entertain each other.  Then….NO COMPUTER.  I will finish my painting.  I will keep telling myself this…no computer, I will finish my painting… no computer, I will finish my painting… no computer, I will finish my painting… no computer, I will finish my painting…


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