A Girl for all Seasons

Wow, winter really is here all of a sudden.  I know everyone is lamenting the loss of summer and dreading the short dark days that drag on.  I too will miss summer.  I love planning days out doors, bush walks, trips to the beach, or just lying outside in the sun.

But do you know what?

I love Autumn too. The change of the trees. Warm days and cool nights. We can get out and go for walks without it being too hot. I can get onto planning my winter vegie patch.

And then comes Winter.  I am looking forward to evenings curled up on the couch reading a book, planning great indoor craft activities, the sounds of rain on the roof, the wild storms.  And the food.  I love planning winter food – soups, casseroles, curries…

Mistress Spring.  I get to plan the summer vegie patch, and try and get our bush garden in order.  The moment the sun peeks out we dash to the beach, the flowers popping their heads out of the ground.

I just love all seasons. I don’t ever really feel sad to lose a season because I love the season that is coming around the corner.

If it is a sunny day, I think “Great, I can get out side and do…(whatever it is I want to do)”, and if it is a cold rainy day, I think “Great, I can stay inside and do ……(whatever it is I want to do)”.

So while Autumn is quickly turning to Winter, I am loving every bit of it.  Don’t be sad for the loss of Summer – enjoy the season you are in.


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