Discipline and consistency….why is it so hard?

Well, I have to say that my motivation is at an all time low.  What happened to my little project of trying to get more energy and squeeze more time out of my day to do the things I want?  Ironically I ran out of energy and time!  And these little projects sound so great when someone else does them, then turns them into a book and a website that a million people follow.  But when I do them they fall flat.

I know that I am no different from any other working mother with a pile of washing and folding that is about to flow out the door, a house that needs painting and fixing and bills flooding in faster than we can pay them.  But sometimes, you just want it to be different.  You know what I mean?

And you know what tips you over the edge?  Pets!  I know they are meant to add to your life and make you live longer, but when the cat vomits on the couch and the dog pisses in the entrance hall, you feel a big lump rising in your throat and you can’t quite tell if is a scream, or a sob (whoops it just came out…it was a sob).  You teeter on the edge.  Bloody animals.

Anyway, back to my whinge about time and energy.  The hardest thing I found is the discipline and consistency that is required just to get some time to do the things I want.  It’s hard work.  I thought doing the things that you want to do was meant to be fun.

The boys and I are on a bit of a road trip this weekend and I am hoping that it will be exactly what I need.  I will see my family, go out for dinner, cuddle my new baby great-nephew, and go to my primary school friend’s 40th…I can’t wait.  Though I am not sure what a 5 hour drive with 3 boys will do for me.  We will have to see what sort of state I return home in.  I am sure I will be more invigorated, energetic, motivated and happy.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t know, but I will let you know if I have got my mojo back when I return.


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