A tale of two Cities…

We are torn between two cities…Mt Eliza and Wagga. If you can call them cities that is.

Mt Eliza is the last suburb of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula and is where we live. We have friends here, we work here, the kids go to school here, my husband grew up here and has family here. We love it.

Wagga is a rural city in southern NSW where I grew up. I moved there when I was about 11. My family is there (and I have a large family), my old school friends are there, my history is there, the countryside is beautiful. We love it.

Can you start to see why I am torn?

Last weekend we went to Wagga. Richard was working, so it was just the boys and I. We had such a great time and crammed in as much as possible. I saw my sisters, one of my brothers, nieces and nephews, and my new baby great-nephew. And yes, I may have mentioned before, I am a Great-Aunt! The kids played with cousins and I spent time with everyone that I desperately miss (nearly everyone anyway – I missed seeing one brother and his wife, my Mum and a stack of nieces and nephews). The icing on the cake was going to my girlfriend’s 40th. This is a gorgeous girl that I have known longer than any other friend in the world. I never get to see her often enough, so it was great to see her family and a few others school friends that I haven’t seen for many years.

At this stage you should be thankful that I went back and reread what I had written, took out my blow-by-blow account of the weekend and wrapped it up in one paragraph!

I think it hit me the next day as we were leaving Wagga. Wagga is where my history is. These are family and friends that have known me at my best and worst – and to be honest, I was a horrid teenager, so they put up with the very worst!

When we were finally on the road home, everyone felt a bit sad and teary (and a touch over tired). As usual at this stage of the trip the boys started to ask if we could move to Wagga, and they start planning the farm we could live on.

Many hours later, as we get closer to home and we turn into our street, I say to the boys “Do you still want to move to Wagga?”, and they are a bit more hesitant. They want to be with their Wagga family, but would miss their friends and family in Mt Eliza. This is where their history is.

And I do love Mt Eliza. I have great friends, we love the beach and have really settled into schools. So when I get home, I too am a little less enthusiastic by the thought of a move to Wagga.

I have been in Melbourne for 20 years now, and Mt Eliza for nearly 10 of those years. When I am here I call Wagga home, and when I am in Wagga I call Melbourne home. Will this every change?

So, it looks like I will be forever torn and traveling between these two cities…


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  1. Hi there! Visiting from FB and the MamaBake posting today. I can relate to the dilemma of loving two places. We are Kiwis living in Melbourne. Both places have come to be home for me, yet I never feel entirely whole in either place. Being present in either place mean missing some of the faces I dearly love. It’s all a bit Neil Diamond. Do you know the song where he’s torn between LA and NY?

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