Blogs – a love-hate relationship…

I love blogs. I have a list of blogs that I like to check regularly, and I love to come across an unexpected surprise blog. I love love love it. It is my new equivalent of reading a magazine, but it doesn’t cost me a bundle. But I do have to admit there are some things about blogs that do annoy me…

Everyone writing the blog comes across as oh so perfect. I read a great blog written by what I think is possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ( ). If you read her blog you are probably wondering what could annoy me about this girl. She is beautiful, really nice, terribly wholesome with a rocker looking husband, gorgeous kids, great house, never complains (though she did go off once about head lice), is about to start homeschooling her children.

Well…that is what annoys me. It is all so perfect. Her biggest whinge was the kids getting head lice from school. I am happy for her that she is drop dead gorgeous, has divine children, fantastic partner, glorious life…because of course you know I am all that too! And then she jokes about telling her children to shoo, but then says ‘don’t worry, I didn’t actually say shoo to them’. What the?? I would hate anyone to hear what comes out of my mouth when I wish I had said shoo! It is the sublime perfection of this blogger (and many others), that I both love and hate. Well hate is a strong word. I don’t hate them, but I do wonder how on earth they manage to be so god-damned perfect!

What I have also noticed a lot of blogs doing, is a “What I Wore” entry. This is interesting, but being the fashion conscious person that I am, I don’t care what they are wearing. And really, the people are never fat and not only are they not ugly, they are not even plain. Their clothes are always immaculate and groovy, and never dirty, out of shape, or faded from being left on the clothes line for 3 weeks. Here are a couple to check out…

If I blogged about what I am wearing right now, it would not be pretty. Knickers and old t-shirt, crusty old dressing gown with a scorched bit on the back from when I stood too close to the fire. I have a piece of masking tape on my dressing gown that says “MUM” that Archie stuck on it about a year ago, and my manky old slippers. Give me half an hour though and I will be all swished up to take the boys to swimming lessons at 9am on a Sunday morning! Oh joy.

And the bloggers houses are always perfect. They are never half renovated poo brown 70’s houses. They are always big airy lofty houses with lots of white and accessories in lovely colours. I always love this bloggers house…

Aside from all that, I do love the blogs I written about, I must just be tired and cranky. Actually not tired, I had a great sleep last night and am looking forward to the day. Maybe I too will be a blogger like these girls one day….


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