Just a quick blog to say ‘ooops, I am behind on my blogging’!  And not because I want to be.  And it isn’t as if I have forgotten either.  It has been a tricky few weeks, but that is all a story for another time.  But we have ended on a bit of a high with Archie’s 7th birthday yesterday.  He had a divine birthday – stayed in his pj’s ALL day, he slothed on the couch watching movies, played with his presents and did whatever he wanted to do.  He had a great day!  It was so relaxed, that we all had a great day too.

After nearly a week off, I am back to work tomorrow.  It was so nice having time off – not having to get up at 5am and find work clothes, get dressed and leave in the dark, and get home in the dark (there I go sounding whiny – sorry).  We didn’t do anything, but it has been good.  Too cold to do anything anyway. Though for all those winter haters, I still do maintain that I love a good winter.


So….when I have had a moment to catch my breath and everything is smooth sailing again (will there ever be such a time I wonder?), I am sure I will be able to think of something witty and thrilling to tell you about.

Until then, so long!



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