Wow, this year has been busy busy busy.  And not busy in the way you see in magazines or on tv ads.  I am not filling my time with social engagements, swanning from an incredibly fulfilling job, to go home to amazingly will behaved and tidy children and live in an immaculate and renovated house.

I mean BUSY (hyperventilating at the thought of everything I need to do – and then never end up doing it anyway, living out of baskets of clothes because they never get put away, justifying to kids teachers how busy we are and we really do try to get all the homework done, making excuses to visitors about the half renovated house even though it has been that way for 5 years…you know what I mean).  I have actually written this paragraph 3 times and deleted it each time because it sounds like just one big whinge.  And I don’t want it to sounds that way. But like most people, when you work to pay the bills (not for just for the joy of it), have a few kids (and boys are sooo messy), a half renovated house that looks like an exploded laundry, and never enough money to pay the bills, you are just BUSY.  And that is just the way it is.

My way of getting through this existence is to try and do some sort of art and craft for myself.  I am my own worst enemy.  I always have to have a project on the go otherwise I get a bit manic.  This year I have been trying to do a bit of sewing, and I did make the boys some winter pj’s.  I have done some crocheting – made a couple of beanies for people.  I have tried to do some painting, so I did paint some canvasses that are now shoved behind the couch in the study. I have tried to do some writing, and do I love writing this blog, even if no-one ever reads it!!

But, my latest therapy is this…doodling!  Now don’t get excited, and yes the boys thought this was hilarious.  As if I don’t have enough doodles in the house!  As a teenager, and when I studied art at Uni I would always be doodling on any piece of paper.  Now I know where Max gets it from…hmm, anyway…the other day I found an old felt tip pen and pulled out my art book, and since then I have been compulsively ‘doodling’ every minute I get.  They might not be great, and are very weird, but my god it is therapeutic!!  This is but a small sample…I will probably have enough to wall paper the toilet with soon!




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