I thought it wouldn’t happen to me…..

Oh my god, it has happened.  I have read about it, but I didn’t think it would ever happen to me…….

Max has moved the centre of his universe from me, his Mother, to his Father!

I have read about the phenomenon with boys where their mother is their centre of the universe, and then when they hit a certain age (Max turns 12 in 2 weeks) the centre of the universe shifts to their father.  And it is true!!  I am starting to hear the word ‘Dad’ as much as or even more than I hear ‘Mum’.

And you know, I thought I would be sad when this happened, but I’m not. I do have the vague feeling of it not seeming not fair since I do so much for him, but I am not sad. Other than the fact he is not constantly asking me stuff, it is so nice to hear ‘Dad, come and look at this’, or ‘Dad, how does this work?’, or ‘Dad, what makes clouds?’  It is so nice for Richard to have Max seek him out and want to do things with him.  Especially since I don’t know the answers to ANY of those questions.

At least I am still the centre of the universe for Ed and Arch…



  1. Okay, this change is taking place only now? As your son stands on the precipice of tweendom? Really?

    I lost my eldest son from around the 2.5 mark. Maybe earlier even. Now at 4, LD is completely and utterly Dad-centric.

    So kudos for hanging on to your kid for so long!

    1. Oh Angie, I don’t know what I have done, but my boys have always been Mumma centric. It is only now that Max has turned 12 last week that he is turning to his Dad. They are so Mum centric that when little (and my 7 year old still does it) that they would watch me put makeup on and want some too. They grew out of that (well the older 2 anyway), but they are joined to me at the hip…unless I am going to the supermarket. Then they prefer to stay with Dad!!

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