Look out inspiration, here I come!

After a bit of a dry patch of no inspiration, I can finally feel it creeping back!!

What a great weekend it was, and it has left me so inspired.  What was so inspiring this weekend?  I don’t know. Maybe the weather, maybe my family, maybe friends.  Who knows?  But for whatever reason I have been left feeling INSPIRED!

I am inspired with my garden.  Having a beautiful day on the weekend to get in and clear out the weeds helps.  I want to put in vegie patched (yet again), create a bit of a Mediterranean patch with my olive trees under planted with rosemary. And do much more.  I think I owe my garden inspiration to my friend Mel who is always working on her garden, and it was so great to catch up with her and see what she has been doing in her garden. An inspiration.

I am inspired with my art and photography.  I have found a super groovy retro looking camera with all the modern digital stuff I need (Olympus PEN E-p3 if anyone is interested).  Since digital photography has taken over the world I have lamented the loss of a traditional art and craft that I love, specially working in the darkroom.  Then I cracked it, and sold all my old photo gear on ebay.  The only thing that has stopped me selling my enlarger and a few other darkroom bits and bobs, is that they are so far at the back of the cupboard under that stairs that I am a bit scared to go in a get them.  It’s really dark in there!  I also went to an exhibition yesterday that my very clever and talented friend Karen had some paintings in.  I love getting out to exhibitions and talking art and crap with other people.  Just love it.  And it planted a seed.  And I grabbed a brochure for an art/photography workshop I REALLY want to do.  So who knows…

I would like to say I am inspired with my house decorating, and with housework, but unfortunately I am not.  But I do feel better after sharing housework confessions with Julie on the weekend about that fact that I would really rather find ANY excuse to not have to tackle my 6 baskets of folding (and the pile on the banquette).  I also convinced my son that having a matching pair of socks is not high on the list of priorities and we have better things to think about.  Apologies to my husband who suffers anxiety of he cannot find a matching pair of socks…But when I do feel that I can take on house decorating inspiration, Julie is the one to see.

So all in all, a great inspiring weekend.  Now I just need to keep the ball rolling and keep pulling away at those weeds, keep saving for that camera, and fill in that form for the workshop.  Who knows, I might even tackle my baskets of folding (but I doubt it)….


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  1. That’s fantastic news. I want to see the results! Thanks for the mention. It was great to see you too. Must plan to do it more often.

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