We’ve had the ills…..

We’ve been sick!  And it is annoying.

I am not known for giving sympathy to my husband when he is sick (what wife is I ask?), but even I have to admit that he has been really sick.  It has been really annoying because we have been having a bit of a crisis couple of months, and I have had many things I needed him to do.  It finally all got done, but it was a hard slog for Richard being sick, and a hard slog for me to try and not nag him and sound like a horrid cow while he is sick.  I think I’ve succeeded.

My biggest boy has been sick and it is annoying.  He has missed 6 days of school, usually on my day off, and also when I was off work sick.  Poor boy has had a rotten hacking cough, and lies on the couch croaking “Muuuuum, I’m siiiick”.  As if I didn’t know.

Second boy hit his head at school.  I got the obligatory phone call from the school nurse.  That was annoying because I work an hour or so away.  It was extra annoying to get a phone call the next week for same thing, and super annoying again 2 days later.  What in the hell are you doing with that head Boy?

Third boy claimed to be sick, and that was annoying because I knew he was faking and because I was sick I didn’t have the energy to make him go to school, and he knew it!


We’ve been sick!  And it is annoying.


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