Bits and bobs…or Blitz and Blogs….

A few things for my blog this week…


I read lots of blogs. I LOOOVE blogs. But you know what I am a bit over? Blogs by people who over analyse their children’s happiness and their children’s education. Oh my god, home school, un-school Monday, special school, what if the kids experience a smidge of unhappiness….you know what? I was one of those painful people many MANY years ago, and I can happily say that mainstream education aint so bad. Kids will be happy, and kids will be educated….despite us, their parents….

You do need to find a school that you are happy with though. My biggest boy is now 12 and a gorgeous, creative, artistic soul. We thought we were pretty happy with his school (a large public school where we have ALL made life long friends), until we moved him to a smaller, nurturing school, and he is blossoming and LOVES it and gets the bit of extra help he needs (and YES, I am overusing capitalisation!). A school is a personal choice. Am just sick of blogs banging on about how special their children are, and how they really need some sort of special education because they are so bright. Agh.

Past few months….

One word. Shitful. Husband lost his job. Car blew up – in a big way. Usual goings on. Life does not stop for us to have a crisis. This time has made us realise and be thankful for such a wonderful community and group of family and friends who have never wavered in their support of us, and positive vibes and good wishes sent our way. We thank you ALL. Our family and friends who have checked up on us but tried not to nag, have bought tears to our eyes.


After a wonderful weekend in the country with my family, and then much nail biting, Richard and I both have new jobs. My last/current job was ok. It suited me. New job is great. Richard’s new job is great. So we are very happy on that front. Annoying that so much relies on you having a good job and being happy and satisfied with it. Oh to be hippies. Oh well, such is life!


Our next challenge. We live in a bushy area on big blocks (2/3 of an acre if you can call that big). Our neighbor owns 2 such blocks in a L shape beside and behind us, but wants to subdivide a small chunk off their front yard. This affects the character of our neighborhood and many other aspects of our area, and directly affects us as a neighbor. And since it is a corner block, we are the ONLY neighbor affected. Our neighbor has enjoyed their big block for close to 30 years, but now have decided they don’t want to enjoy it anymore. And in a bullying way wants everyone to bow to their wishes. Well we won’t, and though we may lose, we will stand up for what we believe in. We have our VCAT hearing (for friends outside of Vic, VCAT stands for something legal that I can’t remember) on 30th Sept to put our case forward, and all of Mt Eliza’s case forward, as to why they should not be allowed to subdivide.

Will keep you posted…



  1. Keeping it real as always Susan. Love it. You get the support because you give it out…. thanks for your offers of support to us recently, we really appreciate it.

  2. What a period for you. You held your heads up super dooper high the entire time and it was inspirational to those around you at how upbeat you both were. Good things come to good people….eventually. Good luck at VCAT, hope those bullies are brought down. PS love your blog…..keep it coming!

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