Tomorrow I start a new full time job!  A bit scary.  I was working 4 days a week before, so will 5 days be so different?  I think so.  I had a lot of say in how and where I worked in my old job.  I could work from home at the drop of a hat, and Fridays off were sooo good.  When you are a newbie you can’t do those things.  Time will tell I guess.

So, in preparation for the week, and in an effort to be super duper organised:

  • 3 x schools uniforms folded and ready for the morning.
  • 3 x lunch boxes ready and waiting to be filled in the morning.
  • Envelopes with money for school, and notices signed and in school bags.
  • The boys have cooked a big batch of anzac biscuits for lunch boxes. Am on a bit of a home made food kick and am trying to have more foods made from scratch, as well as using whole foods.  Whilst this is great for us, it does make more work for myself!
  • I have made a slice – I have NEVER made a slice before, and it was so easy!  Who knew? Just to put the icing on now.
  • I have done a week’s worth of food shopping on Coles Online, which will be delivered tomorrow afternoon – yippee.
  • I have done a meal planner for the week – ugh, I hate doing a meal planner.
  • I have worked out the activity and school pickup schedule for the week.
  • Car filled with petrol.
  • I have my outfit sorted. Look’s not bad, but has highlighted my need for new shoes.  Isn’t there always a need for new shoes?
  • Since the outfit was a bit black and grey, I have whipped up a cute red muslin scarf with a bit of black sewing detail on it.

What have a missed?

Wish me luck!  Now for a glass of wine…

Oh, and here’s my cute little scarf I made.



  1. Its terrifying starting a new job isn’t it Susan? You sound more than prepared and ready – enjoy your wine and sleep well. Good luck. Kxx

  2. Suze, I would love to reply but I know you don’t like your mother calling you a “clever little one”; and that you will do wonderfully with your new job!!!!

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