Wowee, where did the time go?

I don’t know if you are thinking the same as me, but where in the hell did October go?  It has been such a crazy, busy, whirlwind, fantastic month.  It came and went with such force that we have been left dizzy and still spinning.  I am still without words to describe it.  I seemed to take a lot of photos in October (new camera and all), so here is my month in pictures…

Ok, just a warning, my month in photos is really just pics of the stuff the kids have been up to!

I can’t workout how to put a comment to each photo, so in summary, the month started with a bang for AFL Grandfinal Day with a bunch of great friends, Max’s very belated birthday party which involved a fire truck and a silly string fight, Arch dancing to Michael Jackson (as always), tricks from showbags Ed bought back from the Melbourne Show for his brothers, Arch jumping on the tramp in his pj’s (again, as always), Ed did his clarinet exam and passed with an A if you don’t mind me saying (!), Ed skateboarding, the boys with great friends, Ed dancing to Michael Jackson AGAIN – in his PJ’s AGAIN, Max playing drums at the school melody night, homework, general photos from playing with my camera, Ed not happy about me making them pose while I play with my camera, and last one….Arch spotted a stage and of course had to dance (and sing because there was no music) to Michael Jackson!!

And that is the month that was….bring on November!


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