Thank you. No, thank YOU..

It is Thanksgiving time in America.  I have no idea what that is about, other than the very obvious name.  How do I know it is Thanksgiving? Because I read lots of blogs, and they all seem to be American.  Not that I’ve had much time to indulge in blogs lately, but that is a whole other blog entry.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving…so many bloggers are writing about what they are thankful for, and it made me think about what I am thankful for.

When I started thinking about this and sitting down to write about it, I started off thinking all warm and fuzzy thoughts about what wonderful things in my life and people I am thankful for, how great my little family is, and how lucky I am.

That was a couple of hours ago.

Now, I am thankful the Richard cooked dinner because I am absolutely buggered.  I am thankful I can pretend I can’t see the pile of plates left on the bench to clean up.  I am thankful I didn’t yell at everyone when I really felt like it because jeez, they were annoying.  I am thankful that I have put the kids to bed and prepared school uniforms for the next day.  I am thankful for my glass of wine.  And lastly, I am thankful Arch is in my bed keeping it warm for me.  Bless that boy.

Oh, and OF COURSE I am thankful for my gorgeous family.   And wine.

What are you thankful for?



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