The count down is on!

The countdown to what?  The countdown until I turn 40.  Eeek!  25 days in fact.

Now, I know that those of you who have turned 40, or are well over 40 are saying ‘big deal, ‘get over it’, or if you are my sister you are saying ‘get ready to wake up with a moustache when you turn 40’.

I am not worried about turning 40 (except the moustache bit), and am in fact embracing it (again, except the moustache).  But I do have 2 questions:

1 – Where in the hell did the last 40 years go?  I think I blinked and suddenly I am 40.

2 – How do I celebrate, if I do actually celebrate at all?

I actually think my 40’s will be my best time.  This will be my decade.  My children are all at school and independent.  I am working full time.  I have personal goals.  And hopefully we will get work done on the house.

But…how are you meant to feel when you are 40?  I don’t feel 40.  I am feeling 25.  So I am always a bit startled and dismayed when I look in the mirror and remember that I have had 3 children and am constantly tired.  Actually, having said that, I think I do feel 40!

And then the question of how to celebrate.  I love going to friends 40th birthdays.  They are such a brilliant celebration.  We dance like nutters to 1980’s music and our kids are all highly embarrassed (or get in and have a dance with us).  Just the way it should be.  A 40th party is full of joy.

A party requires effort.  And money. And a good cleanup around the house.

Conveniently this year my birthday is on a Sunday, so I have requested that my little family and I are go out for Yum Cha inChinaTown.  I love a good Yum Cha, and can’t wait to introduce the boys to it.

After the boys have a few weeks under their belt at a new school we will go to Wagga for a weekend for a family get-together, which will be great.  I love getting together with my brothers and sisters, and the boys adore seeing their Wagga family.  After our visit at Christmas Ed said to me “When I grow up, I am going to live on a farm around here”.  To me, that is a great ambition to have.

So my family is sorted in terms of a birthday get together.  What about friends?

The problem with a party (other then the effort and cost) is that you never actually get to chat to people as there are too many people (I did make a ‘just in case I have a party’ list of people, and it was huge!).  So do you then have a series of dinner parties, so you get to actually chat to people?  If I do that, I could be going for months!  I think it is important to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and so on as we don’t have a lot of days in the year to make special, and I think to celebrate the passing of an old year and the beginning of a new one is a lovely milestone.  But it doesn’t have to be a big-wing-ding-party. A dilemma to ponder…knowing me, I will finally make a decision, but it will be the day before my birthday and too late.

Whatever I end up doing, the count down is on to the best decade of Susan!


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