Life is long…

Am up early this morning.  We have a new dog.  Not a puppy, but a 1 year old Aussie Bulldog that didn’t settle so well on her first night with us.  But I am sure that won’t last, and we do love her so.  Given I am up early and have a bit of time before I go to work, I thought I would write about something that has been rattling around in my head for a few days.

I read something the other day that is the total opposite of what we are always told.

Life is long. 

Yes, I know we are always told ‘Life is Short’, cherish it, appreciate it, cram as much in as you can because it is fleeting, do what makes you happy because this is it baby, you don’t get this time again, you never know when it will all end.  In a sense this is true. But also….life is long.

What does this mean?  When I read it the other day the writer ( said her Mother always said this to her when she would wish she could travel but the children were too little and they had no money. ‘Life is long’ means that it might be the case now that you cannot travel because of littlies and lack of money, but the time will come when you can do those things, because you know what? Life is long.

This really resonated with me the other day when chatting to a friend who has had an up and down year or so and is now a single Mum working full-time.  She made the comment along the lines of “I just thought that at this stage life would be more fun”.  And we often have conversations with people where they say “Is this my life? Is this all there is?” I have had that same thought many times over the years when I am exhausted from work and babies, and the drudgery of housekeeping.  But things change.  Because life is long.

When things aren’t great or we are not achieving what we want it is easy to get caught up in the downside.  The thought pattern that life is short and I am not doing all the great things I pictured myself doing, I haven’t achieved all the things I want to achieve, I’m not having a great glossy life where I can tick things off my list.  I have always been very guilty of this myself and am always a bit frantic about the things I want to do in my life.

But life is long, and the time will come where you can and will do those things, the time will come when life is more fun, and the time will come when you have more freedom and money to travel, or whatever it is that you feel you are being held back from right now.  And to me that thought is comforting.

Life is long, and the time will come.

Speaking of time, I have now run out of the time that getting up early gave me and must go & get ready for work….



    1. Thanks Kath. I have to say the one thing that has worried me about turning 40 is that ‘life is short, I am not doing all the stuff I want to do….’ etc. So ‘life is long’ has actually changed my thinking and turned things around a bit for me!

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