I have turned…

Yes, that’s right.  I have turned….40.

Before I turned 40 I was a little unsure about how I felt about that.  I never felt that 40 was old, but I have always been a bit mystified as how it happened so quickly! That last 20 years whizzed by.

I don’t know why people feel  40 is old or have a bit of a mid-life crisis.  Sure, it didn’t help that on my birthday I woke up to an advertising email titled “Anti-aging specials – 3 days only”. Hmmm, that raised all sorts of questions – did it just reverse the last 3 days of aging, or did it just last 3 days?  Who knows, but that was a bit mean on my birthday I have to say.  I am definitely not buying skin care from them!

40 is a milestone birthday that does give cause to assess where you have been, and where you are going, but it is also a lovely opportunity to kick up the heels with some great friends and family and feel loved and appreciated.  I was very spoiled and had a lovely birthday weekend. I even won $13 in lotto, though would have preferred $1 million!  In fact, there are so many great things about turning 40.  OK, what are they?

  • My boys are old enough to give them, and therefore me, independence. No strapping them in and out of cars – they can do it themselves.  The big ones can walk to the shop by themselves.  And if they choose not to do something from school or other activities, they can just suffer the consequences.
  • I occasionally get a full night’s sleep – but it is more likely the dog that wakes me up, not the kids.
  • I can work in a rewarding job, AND be a mother. Whilst I would rather not work, reality is that I do need to.  It has taken me a while, but I am in a rewarding job that also allows me to be a mother.
  • I have a great relationship with my girlfriends where we DON’T talk about our babies and toilet training all night. In fact, we are more inclined to talk about our dogs (yet again) than our kids.  I do love a ‘kid’ conversation, but I also love that it is not the whole conversation.
  • I have interests other than my children (and work, and husband, and house). I can go to a workshop if I want, and I can teach my kids about the things I am interested in, and they are interested too! The boys have done so much great craft, lino prints, and photography over the school hols.
  • I am more comfortable and secure with who I am and where I am.
  • I have a bit more control over my choices and where my life is going.
  • I DO feel a bit wiser. Surely I am.  Either that, or I am just a late bloomer.
  • And lastly, I have great hair at the moment (though I can’t attribute that to turning 40).  I bought a new hair dryer (Vidal Sassoon Big Hair!) in the Jan sales that has changed my life!

We are actually right in the middle of a rush of events.  We had our wedding anniversary, my birthday, Max’s first day of secondary school, and my husband’s birthday coming up (who happens to be 6 years older than me, so I will always feel young!!).

The best event by far has been Max starting secondary school today. This beautiful boy has come so far.  I so was proud of him when we were running a tiny bit late this morning, and he snuck into the year 7 & 8 school assembly and grabbed a seat.  In the past that would have caused huge amounts of anxiety and uncertainty. He has come home with stories of new friends and plans for the future.  I am so proud of him that it gives me a lump in my throat.

We will finish off our round of events with Richard’s birthday this weekend which we will share with friends, and then we are ready to move on with the year and our plans for 2012.  What a great year it will be!!

PS.  Please don’t think I am one of those overly optimistic people who are perfect at everything and really very annoying.  Believe me I am not (though I am sure there are many people who would say I am annoying!).  My house is usually a mess, and we still have taps hanging out of the lounge room wall where the kitchen used to be (they have been there for several years now), I am generally exhausted and cranky and go to bed at 9pm.  The laundry overflows with clothes, and the other day I ran out of undies…totally…I resorted to a g-string…eeew!  Sometimes all that crap drives me mad, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Right now it doesn’t – must be birthday afterglow!


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