Boy, did the school holidays end with a THUD!

School holidays were great!  We had such a lovely time being in holiday mode, even if we were back at work.  I had 2 weeks off, Richard had 1 week and the boys had 6 weeks off!  How does that work, you ask?  Very tricky I say.  Lots of juggling, asking boys to be quiet while you work, and mother and mother-in-law hauled in to help.  None-the-less we all had a great holidays.  A fantastic Christmas trip to Wagga, went to the Circus, and NYE with great friends.  We have had beach visits, skate park visits, and lots of visits to friends.  Anniversary and birthdays x 2 rounded the holidays off nicely.  Now THUD…

School has gone back, lunchboxes are on the bench, school bags in the way, and school shoes scattered all about.  We read timetables every morning, check if we need sports gear, and double check homework.  2 days into the term and the school diary was lost already.

Coming up…2 swimming carnivals, a year 7 camp, music lessons, soccer registration, 2 work conferences (one a sleep over), a presentation to prepare, Richard away for a few days and a belated birthday trip to Wagga to see my family…all before the end of Feb…eek!

I check my diary every morning and every night.  I cross check with the calendar on the kitchen wall, and Richard’s work diary.  I double check the days the baby sitter is doing pickup and work out who is picking up Max from the swimming carnival, who is getting Ed to music, who is getting Ed & Arch to AND from their swimming carnival while Richard is away and I am at work…and please don’t forget hip hop class!  Whoops, nearly forgot primary information night.

Bring on March I say.


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