Honesty is the best policy…or is it?

I have neglected my blog of late.  Not because I want. But because I have struggled to find one teeny tiny dot of time that is not filled with work, house, kids or exhaustion.  But, I think I have just found that teeny tiny dot of time, so I am going to take advantage of it quickly before the exhaustion sets in.

So, what do I need to get off my chest?

My children are not perfect!

I love them dearly.  But, let’s face it, there are some things they are not great at.  Am I a bad mother if I point it out to them? And I don’t mean telling them just for the sake of it (then I would be a rotten mother!).

For example, Max and maths need to spend a lot more bonding time together.  Is it bad of me to tell him he’s not that flash at it and needs to practice more?

Arch and handwriting…who knows what it says??  Dare I point out that he needs to practice because it is terrible; he has a hissy fit and tells me I hurt his feelings.  Ok, I get that he is insulted.  But he still needs to work on his hand writing.

Was I terrible for telling Ed not to try out for a-grade soccer because he only had one season under his belt, when all the other kids has been playing since they were 5 years old?  Possibly.  But truth be told I just could not be fagged going to try outs.

Before I get shot down in flames, I do tell them they are great at stuff.  But stuff they ARE great at, and not the stuff they are crap at.  And there is heaps they are great at, so please don’t think they are lacking in praise.

I know we need to boost our children’s confidence, and probably some more than others, but to me, misplaced confidence is just as bad as lack of confidence.

Bad parenting?  Who knows.  But my children certainly won’t be the ones making a fool of themselves on Australian idol saying “but my Mum said I was a GREAT singer…sad face and stomp off stage…”


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