What gets my goat…

Doctors and other medical professionals…

After my day yesterday, doctors and other medical professionals who make you feel guilty about the choices you make for your children get my goat.

For those of you who don’t know, my 10 (nearly 11) year old son fell off the monkey bars at school on Friday afternoon, and to cut a long story short he now has 2 broken wrists, with both arms in plaster (my poor boy).  He did it Fri afternoon, and we took him to the Dr and hospital Sat morning.  Every Dr, nurse and surgeon I came across made me feel guilty about not taking him the previous day (for which I had many reasons and am not going to justify myself here after doing it all day yesterday).  Annoying.

As I said to my son when we came out of the Doctor Clinic “Thank god you didn’t tell her we let you go to the school Carnival last night!” Hmmm, good mothering?  Who knows?  But he did have much more fun than if he had spent the night in emergency with all the drunks and druggies!

I heart….

What is it with ‘I heart…”?  This is grammatically incorrect and sounds plain stupid.  It should be “I love…”, and in fact if anyone wrote “I” and then drew a heart, it should be verbalised as “I love…”  So when I hear “I Heart…” it gives me the irrits!

My Bad…

My bad what?  Again, grammatically incorrect and makes the person sound like a 3-year-old. Believe it or not, I have been in a meeting with a senior HR manager of a very large mining and explosives company, and she had not read a report prior to the meeting, and her words were “Sorry, my bad for not reading the report”. Yes, you’re bad indeed!  Irritating.

McDonald has lost its way…

We don’t go to McDonalds often, but when we do it is a treat or during a long car trip.  McDonald is (or was) known for hiring young polite staff with a strong work ethics, excellent customer service, always offering ‘fries with that’, and paying them peanuts.  Well, the only thing they still do is hire young kids and pay them peanuts.  They take your order, ask you to step to the side, call next, and look at you blankly if you ask a question.  And they NEVER ask if you want fries with that.  The closest I got was to be asked “is that all?”

McDonalds has lost its way, and believe it or not, I miss the old McDonalds.

Reading to children creates a reader…

That is crap.  I am a big reader, I always read to the boys as babies. We bought all the right books and read, and read, and read to them.  My oldest son is just not a reader.  He does not enjoy it and does not want to do it.  My next son is a big reader; he loves it and reads for the enjoyment of it.  My last son was not a reader, and now is becoming one as he gets more confident.

So yes, you can read and read to a child, but that will not make them a reader.  So all those articles and teachers talks that tell you to read to your child to make them a reader gets my goat!


There you go!  That’s my list for the time being, and I feel much better for it!


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