What a dreary dull old day…..it was BRILLIANT!!

It was such a dull, cold, wet, grey day on Sunday.  And it was FANTASTIC!  I finally got to do a few of the things I had been wanting to do for ages.

It started off with soccer, which perhaps wasn’t so great on a freezing wet day.  We had to be there by 8:30am – eeek!  It was wet, cold and windy.  We parents were all huddled together sharing umbrellas, water dripping down our noses and the back of our necks.  The kids were freezing on the soccer field slipping around.  I know boys are meant to love running around in the rain and mud, but my boys hate it.  So, whilst that bit of the day wasn’t that much fun, the boys did win the game, so that was good!

The good bit came after that….sewing!  I finally got to do some sewing.  I did projects I had been thinking of for so long. I am not a fancy sewer, so I am not whipping up amazing stuff.  It was really all just totes and chooks, but it made me happy.

I made this tote for my work files and diary that I drag around everywhere…




I also got to make Ed & Arch a tote for their school sports gear.  I normally run around a find a recycled shapping bag each week when they have PE and sport.  This is a bit groovier.  Now I just need to find some fabric that is cool enough for a secondary school boy and make one for Max.


And I even played around with making a couple of chooks. The boys love them.  They now want a whole flock! And the are so super easy.


And having a dull old day even gave me time to play around with some photos.


I wish I had Sunday back again!  Oh well, there is always next weekend, and it is a long one…yay!!



  1. Clever girl!! Love the chooks and so much easier to look after than the “live” sort. Have just made a toy bag for Charlie – for when they go out.

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