Oh Long Weekend, how I love you…

If there is something that Australians love, it is a long weekend, and if that is the rule that defines nationality, I am a true Australian! I am so sad that the long weekend is over and it is back to work tomorrow.  It doesn’t help that Ed has lost both his school jumpers and his sports jacket, the babysitter sent a text to say she was sick and couldn’t pick the boys up from school this week, I have meetings that mean I can’t leave work and get them, and Richard is meant to be in a course for the next 2 days.  *Sigh*.  I do wish long weekends were every weekend.

So what did we get up to?  We squeezed in so much this weekend, specially since it was a whole weekend off soccer! As much as I like the boys soccer, I love a weekend off!

On Saturday we went for a drive up in the hills for the day in South Gippsland.  The highlight of the day was going to a place called Poowong.  The boys were really looking forward to it, just because of the name.  I think they were disappointed to see it consisted of a CFA brigade and a shop – not sure what they were expecting of a town called Poowong, but I don’t think that was it!  We took a picnic lunch which of course as soon as we setup, it started to rain – so it was a quick pack up and dash to the car.  It was a wet and dripping day, and the last sort of day I would want to go camping in, but every time we saw a nice spot to stop it was full of campers!  Who would want to go camping in wet, cold, drizzling weather??  I think it just confirms what I (and everyone else) already know – I am not a happy camper!


We stopped into lots of gorgeous little towns up in the hills, which the boys were not so interested in.  But one place they did like was the suspension bridge at Loch.  A nice little sports field, war memorial, a suspension bridge, and about 5 families camping!


After our Sunday drive on a Saturday, we had dinner at our neighbours-over-the-road.  We really love where we live.  Not just Mt Eliza, but we love our street, our location and specially our neighbours-over-the-road.  It is always guaranteed to be a good night, and we are looking forward to reciprocating in a couple of weeks, as seems to be our routine.

On Sunday it was so nice knowing we had another day to enjoy, so instead of doing school uniforms, works clothes, lunch box food shopping, I had the pleasure of having lunch with one of my best friends from high school. It was so nice to see someone that I have known since high school  in Wagga who I so rarely get to see.  She lives in Canberra, and I in Melbourne.  Her daughter does Irish Dancing and has a comp down here on the June long weekend each year.  I love it. Being a long weekend it also meant that I could take the boys to the Park with the lake in Mt Eliza (I can never remember the name of that park).  We took bread to the ducks – they weren’t hungry – and went for a big walk.


So today was my Sunday.  School clothes (missing the 2 school jumpers and a sports jacket), sewing, photo editing, work clothes, baking sausages rolls and slice for lunch boxes, and planning the week and wondering who the hell will pickup the kids from school. Also managed to squeeze in an hour long walk with the boys to get rid of their (& my) irrits while Richard finished laying some flooring.

A week stretches ahead of work, meetings, lunch boxes, music lessons, soccer training x 3, and a shit load of other stuff that I can’t even begin to get my head around – stuff I know so many of you can relate to – nothing special I know, but still stuff I have to work out, and I know things will get forgotten.

Oh long weekend, please come back…


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