First World Problems…

First world problems crack me up in their absolute ridiculousness.  Do you know what I mean when I say ‘first world problems’? It is the frustrations and complaints that are experienced by people from privileged societies and lifestyles such as ours, which they think of as real issues. That is as opposed to third world problems, such as starvation, disease, war, no clean water.  I think you know what I am talking about…

Now, I am the first to admit that I am struggling at the moment with working full time, having 3 boys, a half renovated house, homework is never done, year 7 projects failed dismally last term, and other family issues where any one of the boys at any given time require more attention than the others and more than I have time to give.  So it is all crumbling at the edges at the moment, but I can appreciate what a privileged position we are in.  Now this isn’t a complaint but more to put the next paragraph into context and to perhaps highlight that I am not as sympathetic as I could/should be.

I was reading a blog by an American woman who works full time, has a nanny for her 18 month old daughter, has a cleaner, and husband does all the cooking.  She was talking about the difficulties of being a working Mother and finding balance.  So at this point you can imagine that my sympathy was fairly low.  And then she said she recently had a meltdown…. Now, just so I don’t misquote, I have copied this straight from the article, because I would hate to miss out on the full effect of her words….

A couple weeks ago I had a little meltdown and was like “I just. want. a fucking. pedicure.” Because I just could not fit it in, between the new job and the relocation and all that stuff, and it was eating away at my self-esteem that I couldn’t show my toes. We finally hired a babysitter for a few hours on a Saturday so I could go downtown and have a pedicure and buy a new pair of jeans.

Do I hear stunned silence?

I went on to read the rest of the article, and no, she was not poking fun at the ridiculousness of her meltdown, or being sarcastic to highlight truly how lucky she is.  No.  She. Was. Serious.  SERIOUSLY!!

To me, this is the epitome of a first class problem…

As my Mother always told me when growing up (much to my annoyance)…’if that’s the worst of your problems, things aren’t too bad’…I think I might stick this quote on the wall.

Now to change the topic slightly, speaking of princesses, this did remind me of a hilarious story my gorgeous friend told me at dinner one night.  She is an English girl married to an Aussie, and they have 4 great kids.  When she first moved to Australia and joined a mother’s group she was at a get together and just chatting with other mothers.  One of the mothers said to her “You are such a Princess”, and bless her, my friend took this as a compliment and replied with her best British accent ‘Oh thank you so much, that is so kind’….She went home and told her husband about the lovely compliment, who then enlightened her that perhaps it was not meant in the way in which she took it!

Then at another get together, and unfortunately this came from an in-law family member, the comment (or compliment as she likes to think of it) was ‘Your children are so precious’. Now, most Aussie would know that this generally is not a compliment. Again, came back the response that truly only a lovely sunny disposition allows was “Thank you SO much.  You are right, they ARE precious, *contented and pleased sigh while gazing at her children adoringly*’….

I still laugh about her responses…I can vouch that she is NOT a ‘princess’ and her kids are not ‘precious’, but she is a lot of fun and down to earth, and her kids are lovely  kids who are not afraid to get in and experience things. I love a positive response to a backhanded insult.

I leave you with a picture of mid winter sunshine at the beach this week…


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