Reward? What do you mean REWARD?

School holidays are nearly at an end. This makes me both happy and sad.

I love school hols, but it does present child care problems because both my husband and I work full time, and the kids don’t get to do all the fun things and see their friends as much as other kids. I am sure they won’t be scarred for life by this, but it is a bit disappointing.

I am sad they are over because it means I have to get back into the routine of school uniforms, lunch boxes, homework and projects.  And I have to say I fail dismally at all these things!

For the holidays I set each of the boys some tasks.  Some of these were projects that they didn’t go so well with at school, or areas highlighted in their school reports.  As you can imagine, they were thrilled by the prospect.  And of course they have only done a quarter of what I set them.

One of the tasks for No. 2 Son was to learn a whole song on his guitar.  He keeps carrying on about how he needs a new guitar and can’t even play a whole song!  So no way known is he getting a new guitar for a start, and secondly he can learn a whole song.

Do you know what he said to me?

No. 2 Son: If I learn a whole song, what is my reward?

Me: *pause* What do you mean?

No.2 Son: You know. If I learn a whole song, what do I get?

Me: …the satisfaction of accomplishing a task and knowing how to play a whole song!!

Then my rant started…

Me: And if I only ever did things for a reward, I wouldn’t do anything because I get nuttin….

….and it continued on from there…

I think he walked away rolling his eyes.

When did they have to start getting a reward for everything they do? When did they start thinking that everything they do is reward worthy?

Needless to say no reward was given, and he is still working on the song…


One comment

  1. Suze, you turn it around the other way and ask the boys for a reward for all the things you do for them!!!

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