The time has come…

You know, I have always thought of myself as fairly organised.  But this last little while I have dropped a few balls…I forgot a 1:30pm school pickup on parent teacher interview day.  Luckily they had people there to look after the kids, and Arch’s teacher commented that she had never seen him cry before…bad mum moment.

I forgot that we were meant to take Arch to a friend’s house after school last week, and didn’t realise until he asked what time he was going to Brandon’s.  And the little boy’s Mum was still waiting at school to take Arch home with her child.  Bugger bugger…another bad Mum moment.

My excuse…work has been a bit all-consuming lately.  That’s it.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just life.

So I have decided to step it up a notch with being organised (though this is not extending to house work).

I have a new phone.  I didn’t want a new phone, but Richard did some sort of deal thingy and got me a new phone.  I actually don’t like getting new a phone, ‘cos I really liked my old one, knew how to use it blah blah.  BUT, since I do have a fancy new phone I am going to use it as my main tool to be organised.

I have always had a phone, a diary, a calendar, and many, many notepads full of lists for everything.  Even if I have just done something that wasn’t on my list, I will write it on and cross it out straight away so I get some sort of satisfaction that I did it!…It is all GOING.

I have always resisted using my phone as an organiser, but the time has come.  I will use my phone only, and the wall calendar at home (calendar is for the boys). Every appointment, task and to do list now goes on my phone and syncs with my computer.  Woo Hoo!

I have put in every after school activity, every planned social outing and commitment, and all school activities (luckily we don’t do a lot), and even put in the calendar that I am going on a bike ride with the kids this afternoon (ouch).

*sigh* I am feeling quite exhausted just thinking about it and looking at the full calendar.  I might go and have a lie down now…but not before I put it in my calendar and on my to-do list so I can cross it off!!

~Postscript~ I did go for that bike ride.  I thought I was going to die, but I now feel much better for it.  Must do it again some time…..


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