It started with such promise…

Ahh, spring time!  It was so lovely and sunny last weekend.  Spring held such promise.  I bought everything to setup new vegie patches.  I planned on clearing out the chook shed for some new chooks and even some ducks.  I was all motivated and inspired.

What happened?

In true Melbourne fashion the weather changed and we are back to cold, dreary, wet weather! Oh well, I can’t always use the weather as an excuse to sit inside and do not much!  And I have been a bit inspired lately, so I must grab that and make the most of it before it all leaks out like sweat….

So what is my inspiration at the moment…

Simple living, vegie patches, creativity, writing, photography, sewing, and after talking to other Mums from school this morning (yes, I blame you Caroline Bailey!) also whole foods and making foods from scratch, how it can affect learning and health…..too much!

What will I focus on?

Simple living and slowing down…cutting back on kids’ activities.  Thankfully we don’t do too much, so a big ‘tick’ on that one.  I will do the vegie patch and chooks next week.  I promise.

Creativity…will focus on writing and photography. Make my blog more regular, and am working on photography pieces for an upcoming exhibition.

Whole foods…will start at the health food shop this morning and get some spelt flour and see what my bread maker can do with it.  I will pay more attention to ingredients and try and make more food from scratch.

So this is my spring time focus.  Now all I need is the sun to come out give some warmth….

Here is a bit of sunny warmth…a photo taken by my 11 year old son, Ed…


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