I impress even myself!….

I just have to quickly toot my own horn here…I am very impressed with myself!

As per usual, not much in the pantry for the school lunchboxes. So what did I do? I made pancake muffins, fruit pastries and cheese and promite scrolls.  All before I left for work at 7:15am!  See?  That is why I am impressed with myself!

For the pastries, I bought Borg’s organic pastry.  It is expensive but I do have to say it is nicer than the homebrand stuff.  For fruit pastries, cut a defrosted sheet into 6 pieces, slice up some strawberries or apples (I also use frozen berries), lay them on top, sprinkle with sugar.  Bake.

Cheese and Promite scrolls.  Scrape some promite (or vegemite) onto a piece of pastry, sprinkle with cheese (I use tasty cheese), roll up and cut into 3 pieces (makes decent sized one) or cut up smaller for bite sized.  Bake.

It’s that easy.

Now for the pancake muffins….

Mix 1 cup self raising flour, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and some sugar if you wish.  Whisk.  Grease some muffin pans.  Half fill with pancake batter.  Top with slices of apple, or frozen berries, or anything else you want.  I put on a sprinkle of sugar. Bake.

And I just baked them while I was in the shower.  And then baked another batch whilst I did my hair and makeup.

I am so good…



  1. There’s no doubt my baby daughter is wonderful – even if she does tell everyone herself!!! Well done Suze, you certainly didn’t get that from me!!

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