Planning ahead…

Some people plan their blog entries so far in advance, so if they have a writing ‘dry spot’ (so to speak) they have a blog entry all ready to rock and roll.

I am not one of those people.

I drive to work and have amazing inspiration about something or other, plan my whole blog entry, and then promptly forget it when the demands of the day hit me. The same thing happens on the way home from work.  I think in ‘blog’ until I either get to work, or get home.

I have so many gems to impart, that I am sure will inspire, bring joy and laughter, motivation and gratitude.  But it is fleeting…and then gone…almost before I can blink.

I must be a better blog planner, so I can actually remember those gems and have something more interesting to upload.

So I leave you with this….I bought a Bellini Inteli Kitchen Master from Target on Saturday, which is essentially a ThermoMix knock off for $300 (as opposed to $2000 for the Thermomix), and I LOVE it…woo hoo…

This might seem like a pointless entry, but I feel better for it!! I will have more inspirational thoughts next week when I am on leave from work…yayy… (and no offence to my work and lovely work mates  – I quite enjoy it, but would rather win lotto)…

And here is one of my latest pics…


One comment

  1. I’m surprised that with all the electronic things about, that there isn’t something on them (or on your phone) to record your thoughts when you need it.

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