It’s Holidays….

It’s school holidays in our part of the world…yaayyyyy!  Normally in the holidays I have to juggle work and childcare.  That means working from home a couple of days, Richard working from home, and my mother-in-law having them a few days. But not this time!

I have a bit over a week off work…yippee!

I haven’t thought about the remaining 4 days of holidays where they will need someone to look after them…hmmm, I’ll think about that later.

Well, we are officially into our second day of holidays.  In typical form, I have written a list of everything I want to do and get done during this time.  When I look over that list, I realise it is physically impossible to fit it all in, and let’s not forget the main item of ‘relax, do nothing, and just be’.

Some of the things I want to do:  Do a big clean up and clear out of crap, go to the beach, work on the garden, do our tax, go to the Enchanted Maze, got to the Zoo, go to the Melbourne Show, put in a vegie patch, take kids fishing, revamp my blog (clearly haven’t done that one yet!), catch up with friends, do some sewing, do some cooking, do some photography, do some craft…and the list goes on.

My MUST do’s are:  complete a project for my previous employer, get photos delivered for an exhibition, feed the children.  So I guess, as long as I get those things done, all is good.

I have done a few things so far!

I got my hair cut.  Now I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I have not had my hair cut since Easter.  That’s right.  FIVE MONTHS!!

I mowed the lawn. Again, it doesn’t like much, but you try mowing 2/3 of an acre of long wet grass with a push mower!

I have put in a vegie patch.  That consisted of wheel barrowing a lot of dirt from one end of the garden to the other.  Hard work. I have planted strawberries I bought from the Farmers Market on the weekend, and other vegies are going in today.

Last but not least…I got the cat spayed.  You will all be pleased to know we are no longer a kitten factory and I will not be trying to fob kittens off on everyone!

So what am I going to do today? Hmmm.  Buy some vegies to plant.  Take the boys out for a hot chocolate. Watch movies (the boys can anyway).  Do some baking.  Take some photos. Oh, and house work – yuk!

If the sun comes out this afternoon we might pop down to the beach.  The boys can do their latest favourite thing – start fires with the magnifying glasses.

My Little Archie is sick today, and lying on the couch with his doona watching movies. Poor love.  Hopefully he will feel better soon.

And a bit of a shout out…I have a friend going to the Philippines in 3 weeks to help out in an orphanage (The Centre for Change orphanage).  Local friends may know her – Janice Gray. She is after donations of any small fun things for kids, such as crafting items, pipe cleaners, packs of cards, stickers, juggling balls etc.  Stuff that she can easily pack in her suitcase.  I am going to collect a few things in my travels over the next week or two.  If you would like to donate anything, please give them directly to Janice, or if you don’t know her, give them to me and I can pass them on.


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