Coming to an end…

My holidays are nearly over and I think I have the end of holiday blues!  The weather has turned cold and it has rained on and off the last couple of days.

Days like this are a distant memory…

I have spent my holidays doing so many things that I have been meaning to do for so long, or just can’t squeeze into a weekend.  I have put my vegie patch in, I have mowed the lawn, and revamped the chook pen, ready for new chooks before the end of school holidays. I have done a bit of sewing, a bit of photography, and a heap of cooking & baking.

But most of all I have chilled out with my boys.  We haven’t done much.  We couldn’t be bothered doing all those nice activities that I planned.  All we wanted to do was hang out at home, and if it was sunny, hang out at the beach. Arch was lucky to get out of his pyjamas most days, and I can say that at 5:37pm today, he is still in his pj’s.

I have 2 more days left, and I think we will get some good weather, so hopefully we will get another visit to the beach in.

Then back to reality…*sigh*…

On another note, I bought a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (BKM), which is a Thermomix knock off!  For those that haven’t been introduced to a Thermomix yet, it is a blending, chopping, stirring and cooking masterpiece, and does it all in ONE POT!!  And for the mere sum of $2,000+ you too can have this masterpiece in your kitchen.  *gulp*.

Well, needless to say, I DIDN’T pay that (but I can say that for my girlfriends that HAVE purchased a Thermo, not one has voiced any regret!!).

The BKM can be purchased for $299 at Target!  Yippee!  And whilst Target all over Australia have been sold out of the BKM, I can tell you there are a few left at Target Mornington (Vic).

When researching the BKM I would giggle at the outrage of the Thermomix cult members about the cheaper version.  And truth be told, if I paid $2,000 for a Thermo, I would be outraged too.

Don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusion that I will get a $2,000 masterpiece for $299. But what I do get is a nearly as good piece of equipment that has revolutionised my kitchen, and as someone who has never baked cakes and muffins for my children, those boys are wondering at what sort of luck has befallen them with all the muffins I am churning out!

I will have to start working out a list of good quick dinners in the BKM to churn out when I go back to work on Wednesday….


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