Supreme parenting moment…

Normally when I say I have had a supreme parenting moment, I am being quite facetious and it is very much the opposite of supreme parenting.  I would like to give you examples of this, but I am too mortified and only share them with girlfriends over a glass of wine, and they have to share their bad mother moments too.  It is like a cone of silence.

But I do have to say I thought I had an actual supreme parenting moment tonight.  I think even the non-parents amongst us might appreciate this one…

Ed had been a bit of a rotter tonight and argued against everything I had asked him to do.  Wouldn’t help feed the dogs, left his dinner plate for some else to clean up after him (me!!), etc etc, and the list goes on.  Just one of those nights that was fraught with arguments.

When I tucked him into bed he was very cross with me. I am dearly wanted to yell at him, or better yet, slap him (cardinal sin I know!).  But I didn’t. I nearly thought that restraint made me a supreme parent!

Instead, I asked him to reflect upon all of the things that I did for him this week (eg, running around trying to get his ipod screen fixed, taking him to the music shop to get a capo for his guitar, music shop was shut so went to the music shop at Camberwell during my lunch break today to get him a capo – and whilst that was all pretty good, that is not my supreme parenting moment).

I then asked him to reflect upon his behaviour tonight, how he wouldn’t help out,  how he back chatted, was rude etc.

He thought for a moment then burst into tears!

And that my friends is my supreme parenting moment!  I succeeded in making my son cry without yelling at him….ahhh, life is good…….


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