Word of the day….

My word for the day is a toss-up between:





Christmas is like having a new born baby (stay with me here….).  It is such a great and precious time that you really want to enjoy with your family, but you are just too damned stretched and tired to enjoy it!

When chatting to a girl at work the other day, she felt the only way she would have the energy to get through to Christmas was to not drink.  She might have something there….but I will never know….

What is your word for the day?



  1. OMG no drinking! I too will never know what this is like…some people just TAKE THINGS TOO FAR!! WHat is the world coming to? My word of the day is BATSHIT because that is the degree of crazy I am feeling.

  2. I think I’ll steal “exhausted” from you. It’s that time of the year when you just think, “Aren’t we there yet?”
    I’m having a big lie down over Christmas…and a stiff drink x

    1. Oh Grace, I know what you mean. I love the lead up to Christmas, but it is sooo exhausting. The kids are buggered too.
      By the way, I must learn how to put the linky thing on my blog for FYBF! Thanks for that opportunity!

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