I made it!

Wow, I made it to Christmas and beyond!

I do love Christmas, but like most things you get so busy and there is so much stacked on with school, work, juggling school holiday child care, and other social activities that you lose the feeling of ‘joy to the world’ a bit. And you are pretty exhausted at the end of the year anyway without heaping all that on it.

And really, that LAST thing you want to do is go to the School Presentation night where you have to sit through 500 kids being called individually on stage – kill me now!  Luckily the teacher’s band at the end was great and finished it on a high note.  But I’ve said it before; I am not one that loves a school concert, production or music night.  It generally gives me a stabbing pain at the thought of sitting through it.  And just because a cute little girl does singing lessons, doesn’t mean she can actually sing and should do a solo!


Why is my child always the one behind the pole or microphone!!

It didn’t help that Richard was overseas for the 10 days leading up to Christmas, and got back on Christmas Eve! I had to do all the events: school, church, and social, SOLO!  It didn’t worry me going by myself, but it did mean that I couldn’t fob anything off onto Richard.  I went to a Christmas Breakfast that I had booked for us as a family before he went away.  I didn’t realise they would seat the kids on a separate table, so when I got there, they showed me to a table set for 1!  That was a bit sad.  Luckily the boys thought they were too old for the kids table and asked to be seated with me.

And during that lead up to Christmas I had so many blog posts I wanted to do in that time, but like sands through the hourglass, time escaped me.

But I am back…

We did have a great family Christmas full of great food, great company, and good cheer.  And I managed to do most of my shopping online or with local Mt Eliza shops (check out http://boutique.kaamer.com/).  I tried not to go overboard and get crap for the sake of it, or get the boys stuff just because other kids their age have it.

But it is almost a relief that it is all over.  I don’t mean Christmas Day, but the whole season and lead up to it.  Now we can just chill out and relax and get into the business of having a great Australian summer.

For the next week anyway, until I go back to work….



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