Words and pictures…

I don’t really have new year resolutions.  But I do have goals. But sometimes there are so many things that I want to achieve, that I get caught up and stressed about it, that I am not really enjoying the process, or what it is that I want to achieve. Oh well.  Will have to work on keeping that one in check.

Like most people, I want to do more exercise.  I want to increase my fitness, energy levels and health. Then hopefully the by-product will be a bit of weight loss!!

I would like to be more creative and take time to enjoy the creative process.  I want to produce more words and pictures.

I would like a more simple life and relaxed approach to life.

I would like to work less and spend more time with our children doing simple things like helping them with their homework, going for walks and cooking dinner together.  And also spend more time with my husband rather than just passing ships in the night (or day!)

So, my words for the year are:




I don’t really know how I will achieve those things, but I will work on it.

And since it is not all about me, my thoughts early in this new year are with my nephew and his fiancé.  They became engaged a couple of days before Christmas, which is very exciting, but his fiancé very sadly last her mother 2 days ago after a lengthy battle with cancer. Thinking of you. x



  1. Lovely post! Exactly what I would’ve written if I had sat down to write! Maybe I’ll just copy and paste!! Will be following you with interest.

  2. Love your chosen words – i am on such a similar path this year and can relate to your stability and simplicity even if i did not have them in my 3 words!

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