I’m on a roll…

I don’t want to shock anyone, but I am not a perfect mother.  Who knew?

But I have to say, I think I am on a roll this week.

Last week wasn’t so flash.  11 year old boy was being an absolute shite to one and all.  Which led to me using a few choice words with my face very close to his, and letting him know that relationships are a 2 way street, not just a sphere with him in the middle. Middle child. I may or may not have blasphemed to/at him. What can I say…I can certainly coin a phrase when losing it with a kid who is being rotten.  I was always good at English.

Whatever.  It worked. He has been a doll this week.

And I am quite liking the other two boys as well. Hopefully these planets will all stay in alignment a while longer!

What is different from this week to last week when I didn’t particularly like any of them?  Well a few things.  I am back at work, and maybe that is making me appreciate my time with the boys so much more.

My Mum is staying with us and looking after them while I am at work.  Maybe that is making them appreciate me so much more.

And my husband is away for a few days for work.  Now that doesn’t mean we don’t love him and miss him. And he did only leave today.  But what is nice is that it is a change to routine, and sometimes I think that helps too!

We have 3 ½  more weeks of school holidays.  Count them.  Three. And. A. half.  I hope this family lov’n lasts that whole time…


Would this boy ever be rotten?   Naaahhhhh…….


One comment

  1. Just because they were good for me doesn’t mean they have to be bad for you – but that usually happens with children – as soon as Mum appears they are horrible.

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