Gratitudinal force…

Do you ever practice Gratitude?  I do, but I generally do it quietly, to myself, under my breath.

Well, Leigh, from Six by the Bay  (a local Mornington Peninsula blogger) has started a linkup every Wednesday to share what you are grateful for.  Sometimes we need these tasks diarised to force us to stop and think about what we are grateful for.

So as I am working from home today, and am dashing this off quickly, I ask myself what I am grateful for.  I look at my 3 boys doing various individual activities (which means they are not fighting), and the beautiful day outside (though I am cross that I can hear the neighbours removing beautiful big gum trees for their subdivision – but that’s a whole other matter).

It is a simple one for me today – I am grateful for the flexibility my job gives me.  Though full time, I can work from home when required, such as today – school holidays and husband is away.  Sometimes it is the simple things that make a big difference.

So having said that, I had better dash and get work done!!



  1. LOVE IT! I wish I could have a job that required me to work from home in the future. Would make life a whole lot easier!! Thanks for joining in, this means a lot to me xxx

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