Thanks alot Thursday!

Grateful Wednesday has changed timeslots to Thankful Thursday to link up with Six By The Bay

Now, I know these thankful and grateful type blogs are meant to be lovely, and about looking deep into ourselves and our lives and being grateful and appreciative for what we have.  And believe me, I am BUT…

I did not get a wink of sleep last night.  Not one wink!  It started with a few cross words with my husband that led me to planning my divorce on our wedding anniversary, which is TOMORROW (15 years I might add!).

Then my middle sized son could not sleep at all.  He gets terrible bouts of insomnia, poor love.

So there I was, wedged between middle sized son and snoring husband.

After poking snoring husband in the back many times he stomped off and slept on the couch.

At least I got to stretch out in bed!

But I just could not sleep. All the worries of the world came to me. Except for that half hour before my alarm went off.

And then had to find work clothes, none of which fit me due to the extra 5 kilos I put on over Christmas (ugh).


So I have renamed Thankful Thursday to Turdy Thursdy.


So, if I really had to think of something that I am thankful for, I have 2 things.

One: I am thankful that our cross words are usually short lived and I won’t go to jail for pushing my husband off a cliff.

Two: I am thankful that tonight is bin night.




  1. LOL! We all have those close calls in our marriages!!! Thankfully they dont last too long and all is well again. Hey, bin night rocks! Nothing wrong with that! Thanks so much for sticking around. Hope you have a good week xx

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