3H…Health, House and Home…

After a year of rocky health for many people, family & friends, and yet another handful of cancer diagnoses of friends, or friends of friends, I have made this the year of good health. Now I am not talking running marathons here (no way!), but healthy eating, general fitness, feeling good, and acting on concerns. I think that if we can just implement some good habits, it will all be good. So I went for a bike ride this morning on the Sunshine Yellow treadly, am trying to eat healthily, and am off to the doctor next week to get spits and spots checked.

Onto House and Home…are they 2 separate entities? To me they are. We have been in our house for 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS! And the renovations are so slow or non-existent that it is turning to dust before my very eyes. But what I notice is that when I complain about our house and get disheartened, or talk about wanting to move, that boys get upset. They tell me they love this house, they never want to move, and that I am not to say bad things about it!!

So while I see taps hanging out of the living room wall (I kid you not!) where the kitchen used to be, or the partly yellow ceiling that Richard started painting about 9 years ago (changing FROM yellow, not TO yellow), or the half done bathroom that we have to do again because the shower leaks like a sieve (much like our guttering), and a half done kitchen (notice a pattern here??), the boys see a place where they feel comfortable and safe, a kitchen where they tell me I am the best cook in the world (again, I kid you not!), a lounge where they can curl up and watch their favourite movies and a house where we have shared great times with friends who don’t care about the crappiness of their surrounds. Though if anyone does turn those taps on in the living area, they are in deep shit!

So sometimes I need to think about the things that I love about our house so I too can see the same things the boys do. I love the natural light and big windows in our house. I love the living area being upstairs and living amongst the tree tops in a beautiful bushy area. I love the location of where we live – on top of a hill, backing onto a great reserve (if we pretend not to see the neighbour’s tennis court), a huge space for chooks, vegie patch, orchard and tons of boys  and their bikes. We are walking distance to so many great friends, and a 4 minute drive to the beach. Sounds like a slice of heaven right? And it is, but I guess sometimes I do just need to remind myself…

So while we have a home that the boys love, I plan on working on the house and garden to make it the house I love.

So while this is what I want….


Photo courtesy of McKimm

This is what I have got….(not the best pic, and I just want to point out that I have ripped out the front garden beds, replaced them with Canna Lillies, fixed up the screen hiding crap in the garage etc etc, excuses, excuses….)


And I just need to make the best of it!! I will keep you updated on the progress…



  1. Lovely warm blog full of very familiar sounding rooms, though I gave to admit the image of taps on the wall of your living room is one up on my situation! I’m so delighted to have found someone who lives like me with a certain level of chaos, all be it a happy sounding chaos! On another note I remember reading about another “CHAOS” – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!! – the article centered around the conflict between having a messy house but yet a perfectionist underneath it all! For a moment of calm the writer would open her cupboard and look over her rows of spice jars all arranged in alphabetical order!! Do you have something or somewhere in your home that calms you?! Mine is the clothesline!!! Thanks for a lovely read and sorry for the long winded reply!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Paula! I will have to take a photo of the taps and post it. Gosh, if we let the state if our house stop us from having anyone over, we would be lonely souls. Though I do have to admit, we had some friends over for dinner the other weekend, and I wondered why my son was reluctant to show the other kids his pet stick insect in his bedroom….I had forgotten that I got him to stash 6 baskets of clean clothes for folding in his bedroom…Poor love!

    1. Hi Bek, I do love working on the house and garden, but I also look forward to the day that the work is all done and we can sit back and enjoy…I just hope I am not too old by then!! 🙂

  2. Just the fact that your children call it the “home they love’ speaks volumes. I know you want it finished, so would I…..but….it is not what makes a home. I enjoyed your blog. I know that sooner or later your home will be what you want….something your children already see.

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