To blog, or not to blog…

I love blogs. But not all blogs.

Blogging. It’s a weird thing. Do only other bloggers read your blog or do non-bloggers (aka normal people) read it too?? If only other bloggers read it, what’s the point? And I know bloggers are meant to be supportive of other bloggers (and specially women too. Actually, do men even blog??), but oh my god, some blogs are so boooring. And really, the grammar and punctuation, let alone the ability to turn a phrase, is…how do I put it…average…crappola…(yes I am a blog snob)…And if I read another blog giving their version of spag bol that their kids love, I will scream… or the highly controversial debate of it being ‘spag bol’, or ‘spag bog’…and please don’t tell me which one you think it is, because I don’t care!!

A woman I work with said to me…oh you write a blog, WHY?…Hmmm, why indeed?? That made me think about it. I don’t have a massive need to share every part of my life, but clearly I am very witty and undoubtably hilarious, and my children adorable (otherwise why would I show so many photos of them?). Let’s not forget sarcastic. But I blog because I love writing. I have loved writing since I could write. When I was 10 years old I was selected to go on a creative writing camp. Two kids from each school in the region were selected to go, and I was one of them. I loved it, and I will never forget it, even though it was 31 years ago (no, really??. Yes, really).

And I think blogging is an ego thing. Love a bit of feedback. Gotta love an ego boost. But if I ever get to the point of blogging about ‘spag bog’ vs ‘spag bol’, or publishing pics of a great ham sandwich I just made, please tell me to end it then and there (blogging, that is).

Though, don’t diss the recipe blog.  I love a good cooking blog.

Must go and plan my next blog…I leave you with a photos of my adorable children…well, just the youngest one actually, cos he is super cute…





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