What a relief…

Those who know me know that my many baskets of folding is my Achilles heel. I don’t iron clothes before putting them away, I just fold them. But more often than not the baskets act as a portable wardrobe.

Actually, not that portable.

They live at the end of the dining table and often total in 6 or 7 baskets, not counting the massive sock basket and the second sock basket hiding in the laundry. And I just love eating dinner next to a huge pile of socks and jocks.

When someone comes for dinner we spread the baskets throughout the house so they are hidden.  Last time I shoved them ALL in Max’s room. And then forgot about them.  So when I suggested he show some kids his stick insect and hermit crabs in his bedroom, I wondered by he was a bit reluctant….

Why is this so hard for me? My excuse theory is that I work full time, have 3 kids and weekends are precious.  The last thing I want to do is spend it doing folding. I would rather spend the time with my family or doing something for me that I actually enjoy.

I do sometimes bite the bullet and do the folding.  Last time I did this I found a pair of boy’s schools shorts.  From a school the kids had left 6 months earlier!

And then you have to put them way.

I have also tried methods such as getting everyone a different coloured tub, put their clean clothes in their tub and they fold their own clothes and put them away.

It works sometimes.

Except the kids just shove them all mixed up in their drawers and then still can’t find clothes.  And my husband’s never get put away. Ever.

And I dare you to tell me that if you just do a bit every night, or do it straight after each load of washing/drying.  Go on.  I dare you….

If it weren’t for that folding, the living area would not be so cluttered and we would be much more organised in the mornings.  And it is so much easier to fold and put away clothes when there is only 1 basket and you are not overwhelmed by 6 baskets.

But guess what?

It is ALL folded and ALL put away.

All 7 baskets.

And even the extra basket of husband’s clothes I found hidden in the bedroom, and the load of washing/drying that I did.

How did this miracle happen?

I actually paid someone to do it….and it was worth every cent.

Tabatha from Bewitched Cleaning & Domestic Services took all my baskets away, and bought them back all folded.  And not only that, she grouped clothes together and labelled each basket with the type of clothing and sizes in there.  She grouped kids undies by size and put them in labelled bags. And she does proper folding.  Just like the clothes in the shops!!

I also loved the stray little new born baby sized sock sitting on top…..My youngest child is 8.

This week is going to start out so more organised that usual.  I don’t have that feeling of panic that I normally get on a Sunday knowing that I have to get clothes organised for school and work for the week ahead.  Oh my god.  This is how normal people feel on a Sunday!!

So beware Tabatha, I am now looking at the pantry as it all spills out into the kitchen, with everything spattered in icing sugar that the boys spilt….that will be next.


This is NOT a sponsored post, but I was so happy with what Tabatha did for us I just had to share.  It sounds ridiculous but it has made such a difference to us.

It is the little things people!

Tabatha Stamp 0419 879 802
(Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne)
Bewitched Cleaning & Domestic Services
Weekly/Fortnightly/Spring Clean
Declutter, sort and organise your spaces
Meal preparation and personalised shopping
General domestic assistance

This is a before pic.  I can’t show you an after pic…because it is all put away and there is nothing to show!!




  1. Susan, that little baby’s sock has been at the bottom of your baskets forever. I’m always amazed when I come down that it is still there. XX

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