A rocky road…

Sometimes the road feels rocky, even when nothing has changed. Why does the road feel so rocky at the moment, when it is the same road I have travelled again, and again, and again? And AGAIN. Maybe that’s the problem. It isn’t rocky, but full of ruts.

Deep and philosophical I know!

And to top off the philosophical musings…maybe I need to take the road less travelled…

Ba ha ha ha…don’t worry, I am not going crazy, or reading too many self-help books. I have discovered you don’t get much out of self-help books when you only read the first couple of pages! I just need someone else to read the book and summarise it for me in 1000 words or less.

What has everyday life involved lately? The same crap that everyone else is wading through. The stuff that happens to me happens to everyone. It’s just that I bang on about it.

So what has made the ruts in my road?

We are going down a path of investigating what really is behind the learning difficulties of our gorgeous Biggest Boy. This has involved meetings with the teachers at school, educational psych appointments and assessments, and lots of research on my behalf. Words being thrown around are dyslexia, dyscalculia and general maths deficit. Thankfully other words being thrown around are good IQ, artistic and talented at drums, and all round gorgeous boy. I have a feeling this particular path we are going down will feature in future blog posts.

The Middle Child has thankfully not had any accidents of late, though we did have The Little One at hospital last week after coming off the monkey bars at school. After our example of bad parenting, when The Middle Child came off the monkey bars, and we didn’t take him to the Doctor until the next day because he wanted to go to the school Carnival…and then we found he had broken BOTH wrists…we took the little one straight to the hospital. Nothing was wrong with him. Nothing.

The Middle Child is going through a bout of insomnia. And let when tell you, when a 12 year old child can’t sleep, it is also hard for the mother to sleep…because he stands beside the bed telling you he can’t sleep. *sigh*

But you know what does me in?

It is HOMEWORK and the battles that go with it.

I feel like an am doing year 8 all over again. And I have discovered that I remember NOTHING from the first time around!!

I am looking forward to 2 weeks time when we will find out (hopefully) some of the answers to our questions. Not only will my road be a bit smoother, but more importantly the road for our gorgeous Biggest boy will be smoother too.

The tide will turn. The ruts will smooth over. I will go down a road less travelled. And I will sleep again. But right now I must go and listen to The Little One play a song on his violin that he has written ….I think I might get a wine first…


The gorgeous Biggest Boy…


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